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Women’s Media Center Releases New Report on Status of Women in US Media

Key 2011 findings include:

  • Women represented 21.7% of guests on Sunday morning news talk shows airing on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and Fox News
  • Women comprised only 18.1 % of all radio news directors
  • The 100 “most important radio talk show hosts in America” [selected by the editors of Talkers magazine and industry leaders] included only 13 solo women hosts and 3 women who co-host shows with men
  • In sports news, women represented 11.4% of all editors, 10% of all columnists, and 7% of all reporters
  • Of the top 250 domestic grossing films, women were 5% of the directors, 14% of the writers, 18% of the executive producers, 25% of the producers, 20% of the editors, and 4% of the cinematographers
  • In the key behind-the-scenes role in entertainment television, women were 18% of the creators, 22% of the executive producers, 37% of the producers, 15% of the writers, 11% of the directors, 20% of the editors, and 4% of the directors of photography

Full report here.

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