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What they are looking for is a great actress, someone that can bring to life both the pain and the joy Whitney experienced. Does she have to be an African-American actress? Not necessarily.

an insider discussing the casting of a new Whitney Houston biopic (more here)

If you’re a white man you can play an Arabian prince. And if you’re a black man, you can play a donkey, or a zebra.

Chris Rock onstage at last night’s Oscars. More here.

George Takei talks about the Akira adaptation at the Pacific Media Expo

Can we at least consider an Asian actor, just one? And are we really going to call this guy Kaneda? Or are you going to Americanize all the Japanese names as well? Will Shotaro Kaneda be turned into Kenny, and Tetsuo Shima into Timmy?

io9 on the casting of Garrett Hedlund in the lead role of a very whitewashed Akira. For more background on this topic, check out Racebending.com.